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FD Yachts’ mission is to build and deliver international high quality youth, club operations, lifestyle and custom built boats from China to the world with Dutch technology & craftsmanship and Swiss design. Currently we have 3.6 meters PE boat FD Future, composite material 6.5 meters and 7.5 meters keel boats FD 65S and FD 75S for immediate orders. For other sizes of boats and custom built, please contact us at info@fdyachts.com. 

FD Yachts: Passion for Performance

FD Future

Hull length 3.60 m
Beam 1.48 m
Draft (max draft centerboard) 0.84 m
Weight hull 75 kg
Mainsail 4.8 m2
Jib 1.2 m2
Spinnaker 5.8 m2

The FD Future is a contemporary design by VMG Yacht Design for both Youth Sailing and Sailing Club operations.

The FD Future is designed for both youth beginner and experienced sailors. She is also designed for sailing schools operations with potential as one Design class for National and International competition.

The FD Future has a deep and safe cockpit with wide sitting areas and front deck which guarantees sailing efficiency and comfort. She can be sailed as both single handed and double handed. With the light weight the boat is very easy to handle on land and can also be transported on the car roof. The Riggings’ installation on boat is hassle free which made it very efficient for club operations.

The FD Future has a modern and fast hull, and is made in aluminium mould, the hull is made out of Polypropylene, made in 3 layers PE sandwich for more stiffness and strength. The PE foam core is to reduce weight and enhance stiffness. The hull is available in light blue colour.

FD Future X

Hull length 3.60 m
Beam 1.48 m
Draft (max draft centerboard) 0.84 m
Weight hull 75 kg
Mainsail 6.0 m2
Jib 2.2 m2
Spinnaker 8.5 m2

FD Future 6.8

Hull length 3.60 m
Beam 1.48 m
Draft (max draft centerboard) 0.84 m
Weight hull 75 kg
Mainsail 6.8 m2
Jib 1.2 m2
Spinnaker 5.8 m2


Hull length 6.50 m
Beam 2.25 m
Draft (adjustable) 1.25 - 1.50 m
Weight 668 kg
Keel weight 280 kg
Sail area upwind Race 27.5 m2
Sail area upwind Club 23.0 m2
Spinnaker area 50 m2


Length 7.50 m
Beam 2.25 m
Draft 1.69 m
Weight hull 950 kg
Keel weight 387 kg
Sail area upwind Sport 35 m2
Spinnaker area 60 m2


Length 10.80 m
Beam 3.70 m
Draft 1.60 / 2.20 m
Weight 4800 kg
Keel weight 2200 kg
Mainsail 39 m2
Jib 1 29 m2
Jib 2 20 m2
Spinnaker area 140 m2

FD Custom Built

Your Dream is Our Passion and Mission

With FD Yachts, nothing is impossible. Starting from scratch, we work with you closely in every step of delivering your dream yacht, from a general idea to concept design, from engineering to the final completion of your dream yacht, we are here to listen, execute and deliver.

Delivering your dream is our passion and mission.


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